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McClughan & Company offers family law services to families in White Rock, South Surrey, Cloverdale, and surrounding areas. The services we provide include:


Income determination


Access and parenting time

Property division

Spousal support

Restraining orders


Common law rights


Parenting responsibility


Debt allocation

Child support

Mobility and relocation

Exit strategies

I have just been served papers. What do I do now?

Take a deep breath, and give us a call. We understand it is a stressful time for you and we are here to help. You have likely been served with a court document called a Notice of Family Claim. This document starts the court action and claims relief from you that may include a divorce, custody and access of children, child support, spousal support, and division of assets. Some of the things that your spouse is claiming may surprise you, and some of the legal language in the documents may not be that understandable. We can review them with you so you can have a clear and full understanding of what is going on and what your legal position is.

Is there a time limit in which I need to respond?

Yes! So the sooner you can call us, the faster we can meet with you, and respond to your spouse’s documents. If you have been served with a Notice of Family Claim there are strict time limits in which you need to respond. A Response to Family Claim and Counterclaim have to be filed on your behalf right away to protect your legal interests. If you do not file these documents, a court may award the relief sought by your spouse because you did not respond within the prescribed time limits. There are also other documents that you may have been served with that also have time limits in which you must respond to, or there may be negative consequences to you. So please call our family law experts and tell us what you have received so we can immediately get the situation under control and safeguard your legal rights.

Does this mean I have to go to court?

Not necessarily. It depends on what the issues are and whether you and your spouse can agree on any of them. In our practice, the great majority of cases are settled through negotiations or mediation. Court is usually a last resort when all else has failed. We realize that most people don’t want to go to court and it is our objective to try and settle your issues outside of the courtroom. We believe it is better for you to control the outcome of the litigation by working towards a settlement, instead of letting a judge decide your fate at trial.

If you can reach a settlement, the terms can be put into a Separation Agreement and ultimately the divorce will proceed on an uncontested basis, which means that there is no trial. Of course, there are those situations where the parties cannot agree, and the matter can only be decided by a judge. In those circumstances, it is critical to have dedicated and experienced counsel guide you through the process to optimize your outcome.

If you are pursuing seperation in Surrey or White Rock and need assistance preparing a seperation agreement, McClughan & Company can help. We are dedicated to helping people face the challenges of family law, divorce and separation in Surrey and White Rock. 

What do you charge?

Ms. McClughan charges $285 an hour. We believe her rate is extremely competitive given she has been practicing for 22 years, and previously worked in downtown Vancouver. Most importantly, she strives for successful outcomes for her clients through strategic negotiation, and she has the trial experience, if necessary, to pursue your desired legal objectives. Ms. McClughan has met with success at every level of court in British Columbia including the Court of Appeal.

We also believe in utilizing our support staff as much as possible. During your appointment, we can discuss ways to assist you in keeping your costs in line.

To request assistance from a family law professional, CONTACT MCCLUGHAN & COMPANY.


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