Personal Injury Lawyer to Protect & Advance Your Interests in Your ICBC Claims

Looking for a personal injury lawyer in Surrey, Langley, White Rock or surrounding areas? Cathleen McClughan of McClughan & Company has 22 years of experience negotiating settlements for ICBC claims. Our goal is to maximize the settlement figure and deal with ICBC on your behalf, so you can focus on your recovery.

After an accident, when should I call a personal Injury lawyer IN SURREY & WHITE ROCK?

Right away! Those first few days after an accident are critical to your claim. It is important that you get legal advice immediately and preferably before you meet with an ICBC adjuster. If you have already met with an adjuster, we can help you too, but the faster we can step in, the faster your claim will be on track with protection of your legal interests. In those first few days, ICBC will want to meet with you and have you sign a statement and authorizations so they can obtain personal information about you. Don’t let them control the flow of information and get what they want, when they want, possibly to the detriment of your claim. Allow us to act for YOU and we can attend to ICBC on your behalf while you focus on your recovery.

What can you do for me?

Our goal is to maximize your claim and allow you to focus on your recovery. Your personal injury lawyer in Surrey and White Rock will control the flow of information that is required to make your claim. Only relevant information goes to ICBC, which can prevent them from going on a fishing expedition in search of information that might harm your claim. We oversee your claim and simplify the claims process for you, so you can make an informed decision when it is time to consider a settlement. 

Won’t ICBC look out for my best interests?

Not like we will. We strive to obtain for you the maximum compensation for your claim. ICBC does not share that objective. In our experience, ICBC has been offering fairly low settlement figures within the past year, offering claimants the option to either take the settlement or go to court. This is yet another important reason why you need an experienced personal injury lawyer to stickhandle around these policies and use every resource to get you the best possible result.

What should I bring with me to our first appointment?

Bring any information and paperwork that you have received with respect to your accident. This will include an ICBC claim number and the name of the adjuster assigned to your claim. If you do not have this information, we can retrieve them for you. You may also have a police report, witness names, receipts for treatment, Dr. notes/referrals, and other documents. Bring the documents to your first appointment and we can sort through them for you.

What sets you apart from other law firms?

We care. Our team cares about your recovery and making sure that you do not settle your claim prematurely. We realize that there is only one opportunity to recover compensation for the injuries and it is critical to wait until your doctors have given you a definitive diagnosis of your medical condition, and a prognosis as to what the future holds for you. We suggest you don’t settle your claim until you have been symptom-free for at least 6 months or a doctor has advised your condition has plateaued (leveled off—not getting better or worse). Of course, on your instructions to us, we can settle your claim at any time. However, in our experience, it is safer to wait to see the course your injuries take.

We are easy to talk to. 

Our team will talk to you in an easy going, straightforward way so the process is understandable to you, and so we can assist you in advancing your claim to maximize the outcome. We are not intimidating and welcome you to experience our client-focused environment where you are our first priority.

We are experienced. 

Ms. McClughan, your personal injury lawyer in Surrey and White Rock, has been practicing for 22 years and has experienced success in the courtroom and with settlement negotiations. We realize that most people don’t want to go to court and ideally your claim will be resolved through negotiations and/or mediation. Our objective is to attempt to reach a fair settlement for you without the necessity of a trial. However things don’t always work out, and if the settlement figure ICBC is offering isn’t what we believe your claim is worth, we may recommend going to court to have a judge or jury decide. Of course, if you choose not to go that route, you can settle your claim before court, but often it’s a good idea to be prepared to go all the way to maximize your settlement.

We offer great support. 

Ms. McClughan’s legal assistant, Karey, has been working with our clients for over 16 years. She is extremely friendly and helpful and genuinely cares about our clients. Her goal is to put your mind at ease while she manages your file with the utmost care and attention.

We financially support your claim. 

We pay for all of the necessary expenses associated with advancing your claim. These will include medical reports, records, court filing fees, etc., and we later ask for reimbursement from ICBC when settling your claim. These expenditures can add up, so it’s one less thing you have to worry about. You do not have to pay us any legal fees until your claim is settled or decided by a court. This means that you are not required to pay any legal fees up-front. We simply charge a percentage of the value of your claim, typically between 25% to 30%, depending on the stage that your claim is resolved. In the unlikely event that we did not recover any compensation for you, you do not owe us any fees.

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