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Throughout the years, Cathleen McClughan has provided legal services for clients in White Rock, South Surrey, and throughout Greater Vancouver. Browse through our testimonials to see what McClughan & Company can do for you. Call our office to book an appointment.

Fair and Compassionate

I found Cathleen McClughan to be not only an honest professional but a fair and compassionate person as well. Cathleen and her caring staff advised and guided me through a very difficult situation for which I am grateful. I have no hesitation in recommending McClughan & Co.

- Helen C., Businesswoman

Motor Vehicle Accident - Fast, Efficient, and Courteous

I got to meet Cathleen McClughan during 2008-2009 when I approached her for a compensation case in a motor vehicle accident. She was professional, efficient and paid close attention to everything I had to say. She was also very prompt in her executing her plan and got me a very satisfactory compensation. She even went to the extent of contacting me on the international phone which meant that she had to wait an 3-4 extra hours in the office in order to get me during my waking hours.

It was a great pleasure working with Cathleen and her pleasant staff. I would recommend her to anyone who has a difficult problem that needs resolution in the court. You will be assured of fast, efficient and courteous service.

- Dr. Anagha G., Medical Oncologist

Motor Vehicle Accident - Extremely Satisfied

I would like to thank you, Cathleen, and your assistant, Karey, for your professional and efficient handling of my recent motor vehicle accident case.

I found you very easy to talk with as you are very charming yet your professionalism was always evident. You patiently answered all of my questions, and you very clearly explained the legal process I was involved in, despite my initial confusion.

I was impressed by how you or Karey always returned my calls promptly and never once left me wondering if my file was being handled correctly. Karey was quite simply a ray of sunshine to deal with — always so cheerful and upbeat, and always very efficient.

I am extremely satisfied with the total service provided to me by your law firm. If, in the future, I should ever require the services of a lawyer again, I will certainly call you again; and I will not hesitate for a moment to recommend you to any of my friends.

A thousand ‘Thanks’!

- Patsy D., Retired

Personal Injury - Good Advice

After my wife had a serious back injury, we turned to Ms.Cathleen M. McClughan for advice. She was very pleasant, friendly and understanding. Despite the fact that we did not retain her as our lawyer at the time of our first two visits she gave us all the necessary advice and information regarding the time table and the appropriate documentation which would be needed for eventual court action.

Everything was explained in a simple and easily understandable language. We hired her officially more than a year later after our first meeting. At this time we signed the fee agreement, which was clearly explained, for services rendered.

Cathleen then contacted all the doctors involved and based on their reports she negotiated for my wife a very satisfying financial settlement with the insurance company before the case went to court.

Our experience in dealing with Cathleen was very positive and we can recommend her to anybody who may face a similar problem in the future.

- Josef B., Tennis Professional

Family Law - Totally in Awe

I happened upon Cathleen and her services as a Lawyer at a time in my life when I really felt my whole world was upside down. Anyone that has gone through a divorce or is in the throws of one must surely relate to some of the emotional turmoil that goes along with it…and that’s where I was…in the thick of it.

I can honestly say that right from day one – Cathleen was not only very professional, she was kind and reassuring. Reassurance was huge for me because during that moment, that is the least of what I felt.

I know that probably sounds just like “words” but those words cemented themselves when I had the pleasure and relief, to witness Cathleen in full action with a conference call between: Cathleen, myself, my ex-spouse, his lawyer and a Judge. Cathleen consistently maintained an air of professionalism, had all her facts and figures at the ready and listening to the conversation flow between my husband’s lawyer and her… …it was like Erin Brockovich vs. a layperson. I was in awe of and am totally impressed by Cathleen’s handling of my case.

I would highly recommend Cathleen as a Lawyer and I would certainly never hesitate to call on her services again if ever need be.


- Renee K., Nurse

ICBC - Help and Sound Counsel

Over 4 years ago, we were broadsided by a young fellow who sped through a Stop Sign. Our vehicle was hit on the driver's door, flipping us on our side. It took the firefighters 35 minutes to cut us out of our Nissan Pathfinder, which was totaled. Both the police and the firefighters told us later that they expected us to have been killed.

While our SUV saved our lives, we still continue to get treatments as a result of that accident. ICBC quickly offered to settle. It appeared that they certainly weren't interested in looking after our best interests. We quickly sought help from someone who would represent us. That person is Cathleen McClughan. Cathleen immediately went into action on our behalf. The process was long and arduous, and at times frustrating. Throughout the negotiations, which took place for over two years, Cathleen's meetings with insurance adjusters (at one point persuading ICBC to appoint a different adjuster); she perservered until she ultimately got us a fair settlement.

The highest praise we can give Cathleen McClughan is to recommend her to every person who needs assistance in getting a fair settlement at a time when they are most vulnerable. Cathleen will look after your best interests when you require help and sound counsel.

- George and Joan V.

ICBC - A Fair Settlement!

I retained the services of Cathleen McClughan after I was involved in a car accident where I was rear ended and sustained soft tissue damage to my neck and back. ICBC initially offered me a rather small financial settlement for my pain and suffering however after consulting with Cathleen I decided to reject their offer.

Cathleen recommended that I seek physiotherapy treatment and retain the services of a recognized personal trainer to help heal and strengthen my body. She suggested that I not rush into settling my case with ICBC but take my time to ensure that I did not have any delayed or prolonged effects from the accident.

Cathleen handled all dealings with ICBC and when the time came to attend the Discovery Cathleen explained to me what I should expect. In the end I received a very fair settlement much greater than originally offered.

During the entire two years that it took to settle my case, I only travelled to Cathleen’s office twice. The majority of my communication was done via either phone, fax or email. I cannot recommend Cathleen and her assistant Karey highly enough – they made a very stressful and emotional situation bearable and it was like dealing with good friends who truly cared about you. Thanks for everything Cathleen & Karey.

- Suzanne S., Personal Coach


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